Today many pregnant women are learning about doulas.  Doula is a Greek word meaning a woman servant.  In the beginning of the modern use of the word doula, it was used to mean “mothering the mother” to help her get off to a good start breastfeeding.  Soon, it was taken up by Marshall Klauss to apply to all aspects of childbirth from labor and delivery to postpartum care.  Today, the word doula is used in conjunction with labor/birth or postpartum.  A labor/birth doula would help women during childbirth, while a postpartum doula assists with the care of the mother and family during the postpartum period helping her to rest as she cares for her new baby.

Due to changes in my life, I no longer attend births as a doula unless I supported you in a previous birth.  However, I am happy to discuss birth options and provide guidance for choosing the best doula for you.