Private Lactation Consultant Services:

All lactation consultations are in the privacy of your home. The fee ranges from $125.00 to $225.00 depending on travel. I also offer longer consultations for multiples or to assess more than one feeding. Those fees vary.  I do not have contracts with insurance companies, nor do I accept insurance third party payment even with prior approval.  I will leave a receipt and parents are encouraged to seek reimbursement from the insurance company for lactation services provided.

I provide lactation consultations in Broward, as well as parts of Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade counties.  All consultations last about two hours and include phone/text/email follow up as needed.  Please feel free to contact me regardless of financial ability to pay as I will happily help find you low cost or free help if it is available in your area.  Breastfeeding is important for babies and mothers and help is available.  


Fees for labor doula services are as follows: **

  Labor support at hospital only                        $750.00

  Labor support at home and hospital               $850.00

  Labor support at birth center only                  $750.00

  Labor support at home and birth center         $850.00

  Labor support at home for home birth            $850.00

Labor support services includes a prenatal visit to discuss goals, birth wishes, etc. and to practice labor support, one postpartum visit that includes a lactation consultation and unlimited phone calls.
 **Travel to Miami-Dade and Palm Beach County  $95.00 total in addition to regular fee. (This is for labor support only.)